What are the Goals?

  1. To give fourth year Design students practical experience in achieving effective solutions to actual creative communication and graphic design problems.
  2. To give volunteer and charitable arts, service, community, environmental, and similar not-for-profit organizations the benefit of quality design assistance.

What is Public Design?

The Public Design Program is part of the School of Communication Design at ACAD. In this course, students are matched with not-for-profit clients who have applied to participate and have been approved by course instructors. Students get real clients and clients get high-quality design communications. Clients pay a fee of $500.00 per student assigned to your project.

Young, energetic and talented students are assigned to work closely with you on your project. Faculty instructors oversee the process to ensure quality work is created and deadlines respected. This is a practicum experience for students. The course helps them to develop professionalism by using business and interpersonal skills with clients, fellow students, instructors, printers and other suppliers.

What is Public Design’s History?

Public Design was inspired by a practicum project given at the School of Visual Arts in New York. ACAD embraced the project’s concept and incorporated it as part of the fourth year curriculum.

The first client was the Alberta Sports Council, headed by Diane Jones-Konihowski. It has grown into a diverse and ever-changing roster of clients who are benefiting from the service.

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