If your organization could benefit from ACAD’s Public Design program, please complete the application form at right and submit it to the Alberta College of Art and Design.

You will be contacted in early September if your project has been selected. Once the project is complete, each qualifying organization will be invoiced $500.00 per student assigned. Depending on the amount of work requested, your project may have more than one student. All parties [client, student designer(s) and ACAD] will sign a contract that specifies respective areas of responsibility.

If you have any questions or difficulties with this form, please contact:

Ian FitzGerald
Phone: 403.710.7929 (cell)
Fax: 403.289.6682
Email: ian.fitzgerald@acad.ca


Scott Cressman
Email: scott.cressman@acad.ca

Please complete the following form:

If you prefer, you can also download this application form and fax to 403.289.6682

Who will make all decisions on the job?

Primary Contact Name (required)

Your Email (required)

Your Organization (required)

Your Address (required)

Telephone (required)


Fall (Sept - Dec 2018)Winter (Jan - Apr 2019)

I am not certain of the exact project at this time, however, I wish to make sure my organization is registered for this year’s Public Design Program. I understand I must confirm the specifics before September 20.

Will there be a committee involved in the final decision-making?

Describe the design project your organization needs, being specific about all of the component pieces (for example, logo design with stationery package or website re-design).

What is the main goal(s) for this project? ie; fundraising, publicity for an event or program; public education, etc.

Who is the primary target audience for this project? Describe gender, age, income, education, regional, local, international, and other information about the group of people that your organization is trying to reach.

What is the total budget for the job, not including the Public Design fee ($500 per student)?

What media is this project to be completed in? i.e. produced in-office (for example, photocopied brochures) or sent to a printer; website; on-line advertising etc. ?

What is the final deadline for this project to be completed?

Please note, students must complete final design files by mid-December in order for them to receive final grades. If your deadline is later, please describe the circumstance.

Will the project require photography and/or illustration, programming, copywriting/technical or promotional? Will you be supplying this, or will it need to be coordinated by the Public Design Program? Please give details.

Does this project have to be consistent with other existing materials, or is it a brand new approach?

Are there any design or production limits to the project? ie: size, fonts, number of colours,folds, one-sided or two-sided printing, transportability, etc. Please describe.

Is there an existing logo that must be used?

Will you be able to supply the students with a digital file of the logo?

Do you have a marketing plan? If so please include it in this application.

Submission Date (YYYY-MM-DD)

By checking this box, I understand and agree to the conditions of the application including the $500 fee per student assigned.

Please note: Successful applicants will be notified by mid-September. The information gathered in this questionnaire is for planning purposes only. A student or team of students will be assigned to you and will meet to clarify all the details of your project. First contact will occur during the third week of September.

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