• Application

    The first step is completing our online application form to ensure you get on our list of prospective projects.

  • Selection

    Our team reviews submissions and selects the projects we feel best provide students and clients with a fullsome experience and potential solution.

  • Student Pairing

    We then select the student(s) best suited to project needs.

  • First Contact

    Once assigned, students initiate contact to set up an initial meeting and begin the assignment.

  • Contract

    Once project details and requirements are firm, a contract is drawn up and signed.

Once you have discussed the project and required outcomes, the student (or student team) works through the fall 2018 or winter 2019 semester to bring your project to life. Depending on the semester your project is selected for, projects must be completed by the last day of classes for that semester.

Fall 2018
Projects commence September 20
Projects must be completed by December 13

Winter 2019
Projects commence January 10
Projects must be completed by April 18

Our students follow a process of project discovery and research, strategy and planning, creative development and final, approved design. Outside costs and services such as printing or photography, production, website programming or coding etc. are not part of the program, though students may remain involved at that stage. Students work with you to ensure progress towards a great outcome.

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